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Creature Comforts reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time, effective upon issuing a copy ot the modified Terms and Conditions to the client.


Completion and signature of the client registration form will be deemed as acceptance of the following terms and conditions.



Creature Comforts Dog Walking service is charged by the hour, the hour consists of a 45 minute walk with 15 minutes allocated for picking up, dropping off and travelling. All dogs must be lead trained and sociable. Dogs will not be exercised off the lead unless instructed by the client. The client therefore accepts full liability for any loss or damage caused as a result of the client's dog. 


We cannot be held responsible for the loss or safety of your pet if it is allowed unrestricted outdoor access during the assignment.


Dogs must wear a collar with the name address including postcode of the owner engraved or written on a tag.

Creature Comforts will not walk aggressive dogs.

When using the cat visiting service, Creature Comforts will not be held responsible for the loss of any cat that has outdoor access. In the event of a cat going missing, we will continue to visit and report the loss to the owner and registered vet.


Vaccinations/Health requirements


Pets must be up-to-date with vaccinations and we will ask to see a valid vaccination card upon commencement of walking or boarding services. Your pet must be in good health, free from fleas and adequately wormed.  We regret we cannot accept bitches in season or uncastrated males over nine months for boarding or walking.



The client is responsible for providing all food, medication and other requirements for their pets whilst in our care. Any additional items that have to be purchased will be added to the clients account.



It is advisable to book at least two weeks in advance to obtain the service and date you require. A 30% deposit will be required for any new visiting booking and will not be refunded if less than eight weeks notice is given for the cancellation.


We reserve the right to charge if a dog walking service is cancelled without at least 24 hours notice.


Any service provided on Bank Holidays, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day and Easter Sunday will be charged at double rate.

Visiting services to be paid at the latest, the day the visits commence.


Creature Comforts accepts payment by cash or cheque payable to D Holloway at the commencement of the required service.



If it becomes necessary for your pet to visit a vet, we will endeavour to contact you or an alternative contact number, which you have provided. However in an emergency when we have not been able to make contact we will take your pet to a veterinary practice. This will usually be at your normal registered practice, however in an emergency this may be at the nearest veterinary practice.

The client will be responsible for any treatment costs and travelling costs.

In the event of us not being able to make contact with you, we reserve the right to make decisions regarding your pet’s health provided it is at all times acting in the best interests of the pet and on the advice of a veterinary surgeon.


Pet Behaviour


The owner undertakes to make full disclosure of any characteristic, behaviour or health problems that may make your pet unsuitable for our services. For example excessive loud barking, aggression towards other dogs or children.

We cannot accept bookings for badly behaved or aggressive animals. We may terminate an agreement if it is a reasonable thought that a pet is badly behaved or aggressive towards human’s animals or property.

Should your dog show aggressive tendencies towards our family or other dogs or their behaviour becomes uncontrollable, your dog will be placed in a boarding kennel until your return. Kennel fees that are incurred during this time will be the responsibility of the Client.

The client will be responsible for any costs which may be incurred, either Veterinary or other as a result of sickness, accident or damage caused to or by your pet.  The Client will pay any such costs or expenses on demand. The Client understands that no liability will attach to Creature Comforts.



You must ensure you have adequate insurance for your pet, as we will not be liable for your pet’s behaviour. For pet visiting clients, you must notify your insurance company that you will be using Creature Comforts Pet Care Services and that we will have keys to your property.

We will continue to care for your pets until you arrive home. Please call us immediately if a delay is expected.

Creature Comforts Terms & Conditions

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